Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is an online marketplace that is operated by and its mission to connect Sellers with Buyers. The website through its facilities and services will list and market the Sellers building products and materials that will help the Buyers to effectively and efficiently search and find these products and materials with their details and the Seller’s information. does not sell or supply products. All products on are provided by the individual Sellers in the building industry market. will have a wide range of Suppliers in the building industry. Any Buyer or website user can easily send inquiries to the Seller or talk to them directly.

With many verified Sellers registered on, Buyers can find all products, building materials & solutions related to construction, interior & decor and finishes.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Customer Login on the top right corner
  3. Click on Register Now and select from Seller or Buyer
  4. Fill the form and one of Customer Support team will get in touch with the user to authenticate your details.

Once the authentication process is verified, then the Buyer will be eligible to raise enquiries and receive quotes from Sellers.

If the registered is a Seller, then will contact him to further verify his details and products so he can start listing and use the facilities.

To check product quality, contact the Seller directly and ask for samples to be delivered to your place or office. Or approach the Seller directly by visiting his Retail Shop or Warehouse or Factory.

Payment will be directly to the Seller.

Subscription payments with will be through a payment gateway using credit cards or direct transference of monthly funds.

Also, can accept cheque payements

In case of any failed payments, contact at Customer Support phone number or send an email to

Depending on the Sellers payment receivable policy, Cash on Delivery is available as a payment option with the Seller or depending on the item

Click on Contact Us, and Customer Support will help the user to find it.

Click on Forgot My Password to request a new password to be sent to your Email.

You can use two ways to find products as follows:

  1. Use keywords to search: Visit enter a product name in the search box, and then click the Search button.
  2. Use the product Categories followed by Sub-Categories. has classified and categorised its listed products into 19 Sub-Categories. You can select appropriate categories to narrow down search results.

You can find the Sellers details on the right-hand side of the selected product which will also offer a summary of his details along with previous Buyers reviews about that Seller. would like to remind the user to pay special attention to trade safety. The suggested business process is as follows:

  1. Sign a formal contract or Performa Invoice with the seller before payment
  2. If paying by cheque, then check the Sellers name and write it on the cheque Note.
  3. If paying by cash, then make sure that the person or the user is dealing with works for the Sellers organisation during payment.
  4. Once payment is made directly ask for a payments receipt with the right product details, quantities, rates and total price along with delivery duration and location.

To avoid a misunderstanding and provide better support to members, has a professional team to handle complaints of trade disputes and intellectual property infringement. Click on Complaint to submit your complaint.

There are two methods to contact Suppliers.

  • Contacting via Email.
    After finding your products on, the user can contact Suppliers by clicking Contact Now.
  • Approaching via visit
    Directly approaching the Seller after viewing his contact details and visit his Retail Shop or Warehouse or Factory is a technology platform that acts as a marketplace only; and which lists and markets the Sellers products including showing information of the Seller and his products.

As a marketplace, do not provide any guarantee or warranty for the products sold. However, every product which is sold has a guarantee or warranty as provided by the Seller. Additionally, with strict Supplier onboarding process, it is made sure to give the Buyers the best buying experience. If an issue has arisen which will be facilitated in a discussion with Seller and help resolve professionally.

A list of transporting & logistics companies will be available under The Buyer can contact them directly and arrange for materials to be transported.