What is is an online marketplace that is operated by and its mission to connect Sellers with Buyers. The website through its facilities and services will list and market the Sellers Building products and materials that will help the Buyers to effectively and efficiently search and find these products and materials with their details and the Sellers information.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to make an online hub for all construction needs in UAE, GCC and the rest of Middle East & North Africa.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to overcome the challenges of Consumers and Buyers in spending endless time and effort searching for building materials that are scattered around the cities where it enables Buyers to search and find required products knowing whos selling it, at what price, in what quality standard and its availability.

Why is this Website/Idea Needed?

Todays building industry in this Region is booming and growing rapidly. The idea of having comes after observing a gap in the market, where Consumers and Buyers are struggling to find required building materials, tools and rental services that is already existing in the market.

Todays Consumers spend the substantial amount of time & effort on searching for building materials, and even after finding what’s required still not getting the lowest price of the product or the best service.

On the other hand, helps Suppliers and Hirers present their products in such a way that is convenient for Consumers to find while saving on marketing, advertising and hiring resources in order to reach these Buyers.

Basically, website helps Buyers to search & find products in less time and efforts while helping Suppliers to find Consumers in a more dynamic marketing and at low costs.

Why Invest With Us?

For to succeed further and expand its present operation, funding plays an important part. In return is quite promising on below advantages for future Investors:

1. Profit margins that can easily reach up to 60% and under proper funding and management, profits will double up every 3-6 months
2. Incoming cashflow from Subscribers paid fees are deemed to be continuous and constant over the months of operation
3. No competition yet exists in the current market which will allow to enjoy dominance and profitability
4. Consistent expenses would spread over large durations and would not be directly constrained with the growth of the Company
5. Working with professional people that are known to be open-minded and easy to deal with
6. Being in the expanding building industry that is tempted to be rewarding especially in UAE, GCC & MENA
7. Can be easily developed and expanded in different regions of the world.

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